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My Journey to the Optimal Training Shoe

I have searched for years to find the perfect training shoe. When the Vibrams came out I thought they would be the shoe. Unfortunately, they did not have my size. I have tried Nike, Under Armour, etc. They all look good and feel good for awhile but I could tell something was missing.

I happen to be reading a post from Eric Cressey of Cressey Performance ( talking about the New Balance Minimus shoe. I did not get my hopes up because I assumed they did not have a size 15. So, I decided to take a look at the website ( and I could not believe my eyes. They actually go up to a 17! I decided to go with the NB Minimus 20v3 in a size 15. The past 2 weeks have been just awesome.

I had some SI joint discomfort and it has gone away. My feet feel “open” and very functional. I honestly cannot remember when my feet have felt this good. I guess the 4MM heel works well for me. The training shoe makes a world of difference. I think everyone should try to find their “optimal” training shoe. Just a thought…

In strength,


Price of Fitness vs Cost of Fitness

Everyone is concerned about the price they pay for products and services they use.  Normally people assume the price they pay for something is directly related to the value received.   If that is the case what is the cost of a product or service? Costs includes the development, manufacturing, and all expenditures associated with the product or service.

So, in regards to the price of fitness or the cost of fitness, you really want to examine the true costs of fitness.  Here is why. If a gym membership price is $30 a month and personal training is another $250 per month, the numbers show a total of $280 a month as the price paid.  Now the question is, how do you measure the cost of this monthly amount?  It depends on your current age, goals, and health status.   If you are overweight, have diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol, or recovering from surgery the cost of not having fitness can be greater than you think long-term.  Being proactive about your fitness levels can pay future dividends in your quality of life. In most definitions, this now could be called an investment.

When you are considering the price you pay for fitness or the cost of not having it, think about trying to retire without saving. You can do it, but at what cost. Just a thought…

Best in health,

Shannon Wallace, Jr


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